Aerial Surveillance System

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This research-based project focused on development of a remotely-operated Android-based Quad copter. The Quad copter is controlled through graphical user interface (GUI). Communication between GUI and quad copter is done by using wireless communication system. The quad copter balancing condition is sensed by KK2 board controller and Arduino. For smooth flight and landing, quad copter is equipped with Gyroscopes and Accelerometers. All signals from sensors are processed by Arduino DUE microcontroller board. Output from Arduino DUE microcontroller board used to control quad copter propellers. GUI is designed using JAVA-based android application.

The experiment shows that quad copter could hover while maintaining balance and stability. Quad copter could also accept load disturbance up to 750g during it hover condition. Maximum operated time of quad copter is twenty-five minutes using 3000mAh Li-Po battery and operate time can be increase by using largest battery capacity.