Vehicle Tracking using SPOT Technology

In this project, we utilized the SPOT technology to deliver an accurate vehicle tracking system for our client. We implemented the SPOT module in each vehicle and provided platform for users to track their authorized vehicle via a user-friendly software interface. Though care was given to ensure exact tracking of the vehicle, at the same […]

Thumb print based attendance system

This project, combining both embedded systems and web application development, utilized biometric data (thumb print) to recognize the identity of a person and record the attendance thereof. Both the hardware as well as the software part of the system was made in-house by Kozzaja. The hardware detects the thumb print entered by the user, recognizes […]

Aerial Surveillance System

This research-based project focused on development of a remotely-operated Android-based Quad copter. The Quad copter is controlled through graphical user interface (GUI). Communication between GUI and quad copter is done by using wireless communication system. The quad copter balancing condition is sensed by KK2 board controller and Arduino. For smooth flight and landing, quad copter […]

Android Controlled WiFi Robot

This project, as the name suggests, is the building of a Robot that can be controlled using Andorid device over WiFi. To accomplish this, accelerometer is used that comes built-in with smart Android Devices and the tilt sensation is communicated up to the robot via Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/i) access. Wi-Fi was chosen as the desired […]

Call Center

Kozzaja also aims provide call based BPO facilitation to the national and international companies via its own call center. Highly proficient calling agents are hired to accomplish various inbound and outbound call-processes campaign, and the number of leads and closings generated by our agents has been widely appreciated.

IR based Electrical Appliance Control

IR based Electrical Appliance Control

In this project, we utilized the simple IR based remote control to control electrical appliances at home. This project was realized using simple embedded system design that enabled users to control their electrical appliances at home as well as at work by use of simple IR-based remote control. This project has great practical use in […]