Why Phone Batteries Keep Exploding

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Smartphone batteries are both our best friend and our worst nightmare. Whether it’s because they can never quite make it until we get home, or that they need charging twice a day they’re the gadget we simply can’t live without. In extreme cases though, the smartphone battery can prove itself to be more than a […]

K5 Robot

K5 – Robot : The future of security !!

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K5‬ – the egg shaped robot from Knightscope‬ built for security weighs 300 pounds. K5 was seen patrolling the Uber‬ inspection lot and mall patrols lately in various locations at California. The response is positive for now. K5 features thermal camera, weather sensors, license-plate recognition system, microphones, multiple high-definition cameras for 360-degree vision, a laser rangefinder, person […]



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We are in the midst of a once-in-a-decade shift in the technology landscape. This reality has become known as hybrid IT: migrating some infrastructure to the cloud, while continuing to maintain some critical services onsite. At the centre of this shift is the need to ensure always-on application performance—regardless of location. The rise of business-critical applications has created this […]