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Web Development

study buy stromectol Our platform constitues computer engineers, IT professionals and designer working in unison to create a customized webpages and web based applications. The team chooses the most suitable framework and documentation standards for delivering successfully accomplished products.


Embedded Design

http://latinmixx.com/mamamiya/3667 We take great pride in being able to give the clients exactly what they want and nothing else.  Owing to our excellent embedded systems team, we are expert in designing and developing wonderful microcontroller – constituted system that cater to your very need.

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Smart Application

partnersuche seelow The workstation we provide has a calm environment, robust computers and sound facilitation so that our employees may concentrate and co-operate with each other to give their best in developing smart apps with client satisfaction.

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créer compte hotmail fr We provide wide range of services regarding telecommunication that involves Site Acquisition, Tower Equipment Installation & BTS Commissioning, and Power Licensing for well reputed companies such as Nepal Telecom, Ncell and Huawei. We boast for our highly proficient site engineers and technically sound team available 24-7 to accomplish these projects.

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http://ducove.sk/milno/3283 Start your Project with us

Our Process

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The first thing we do is ensure we understand your needs. We believe in catering to your exact needs – with quirks and all.


After we know the what, we focus on the how. We sit together, discuss and come up with ideas that will deliver nothing but the best.


We then convert the plan to reality and develop the perfect solution for you – what you want and how you want.

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What they say about us

I have seen a lot of people and organizations grow, but rarely have I seen a group of individuals perform as efficiently as the Kozzaja team. I believe they will be a serious threat to the big corporates if they keep this up.

Prof. Dr. S. K. Mishra Professor @ Institute of Engineering

Kozzaja has the two main things I look for in a call center company – the zeal of a young start-up but the quality of a veteran.

Baburam Panthi Er. Baburam Panthi Marketing Engineer @ Huawei, Philippines

I am impressed with the quality of service provided by Kozzaja. Not only did they deliver the product I was hoping for, they also went out of their way to add that extra edge. I am definitely recommending them to others.

Er. Ganesh Gautam Ganesh Gautam, Technical Adviser @ Kozzaja

Our work

IR based Electrical Appliance Control

About us

Kozzaja Infotech develops software’s for various clients covering every aspect of life. With our software development services techniques, we at Kozzaja Infotech accomplish developing software projects, web applications with a combination of business and technical knowledge. The team of experienced and dedicated professionals chooses the most suitable framework and documentation standards for delivering successfully accomplished products. Our software development services moves ahead for any project according to world-class standards. Kozzaja Infotech understand their client’s business perspective and chooses the rightmost technology to design and deploy the products. We offer our clients the maximum flexibility too. We work hand in hand with other outstanding companies to ensure the best for our clients. For our embedded solutions, we cooperate with Om International Trading Company in Ganzhou, China for manufacturing PCB. Design 80% Embeded 90% Web 90% Work Ethics 100%


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Kisan Poudel Chairman Kisan Poudel Chairman

Manik Kumar Rajbhandari Managing Director, Sr. Designer Manik Kumar Rajbhandari Managing Director, Sr. Designer

Sabin Adhikari Marketing Engineer Sabin Adhikari Marketing Engineer

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